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We are a digital assets trading and managment company, providing blockchain-backed investment products to investors, who wish to create financial stabilty and security through secure investing.

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We have made
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When we created Atom Investments, we had one primary objective at heart, and that is to make the process of investing as simple and clear as possible, such that anyone with a desire or goal to build financial investment can do so without having to be a professional.


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Invest in Cryptocurrencies Asets

We trade in cryptocurrencies and offer its investment opportunities to our investors, so they can benefit from this highly profitable industry.

Control Your Financial Future

Atom Investments focuses on equipping investors with the right assets to take control of their financial future. We are committed to your financial freedom.


Invest in Cannabis Stocks

We provide access to investing in the cannabis industry through the offering of cannabis stocks which investors can include into their portfolios and benefit hugely.

Invest in Digital Assets

Owning a digital assets is the smartest way to own a part of the future. Our investors are really smart because not only do they own investments that yield high returns, but their investments also grant them ownership of the future.


Get Loans Using Crypto

Selling your cryptos is like selling your future. That's why we created the loan program for crypto holders who might need to access instant cash.

Why Atom Investments?

Why Choose Us

We are not just the best investment company out there; we are your best financial partner. Here are a few reasons you should choose Atom Investments.

We have provided over 45,000 investors with financial solutions that match their financial goals

Here are the benefits that all our investors are enjoying. You should be here.

$0 Commisions Investmenting

While others still charge a very low commission, we charge zero commission on all our digital assets.

Quick Profits Payout

Payouts of profits from investments are quickly sent to investors provided wallet address.

Competitively High ROI

Compared to a lot others out there, we pay investors a very high return on their investments.

Multiple Investment Options

Investors can choose from a variety of investment products or build a portfolio of assets.

We are global

We offer assets using a global enterprise model.

Profit from digital and traditional assets from around the world without owning off-shore assets.

Onboarding Process

How To Join Atom Investments

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Signup For A Free Account

To begin your journey into wealth, the first step is to creaate a free account with us. Just click the Signup button at the top of the screen, fill in your details, and you're on!

Select A Preferred Plan

After creating an account, the next step will be to select a plan that matches your financial goals and budget. If you're not sure what plan you want, feel free to contact an advisor.

Fund Your Account

After selecting a plan, you'll be required to fund the stipulated investment capital. Each plan has its own pricing as well as profit margin and investment cycle. Profit starts accumulating after funding.

See Our Statistics

“Our statistics gives a snapshot of our accomplishments and landmarks."

From the number of satisfied clients, to productive and successful partnerships, to result-oriente consultations, to a variety of financial products, to awards won, we have maintained a record of excellence.

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Explore our USDT pricing options and select one that fits you.

We created multiple investment options to suit various financial budgets and objectives. Choose one that matches you objectives.

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$ 1,000,000 miminum
  • Explore our USDT pricing options and select one that fits you.
  • Trade up to $5,000,000
  • 2.857% Daily for 7 Days
  • 1.5% Referral Bonus
  • Instant Payout
  • Rollover Bonus
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Invest and earn in BTC.

We created multiple investment options to suit various financial budgets and objectives. Choose one that matches you objectives.

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To begin a new investment with Atom Investments, you first have to signup by clicking the signup button at the top of the page, then filling up your details in the signup form section. After creating a free account, you then have to select an investment plan of your choice and fund it. That's all. You can now start earning your profits.
There are no hidden charges when you invest with us or signup for a plan. All charges are factored into the plan pricing. This is our strategy for a simplified investment system.
There are no regional restrictions for investing in Atom Investments. Anyone from any part of the world can create an account. Also, language is not a barrier as we have professional translators at hand. However, you must be at least 18 years of age to have an account with Atom Investments.