How Does Welding Plastic Work?

When plastic breaks or needs to be fused together, wielding the pieces together is often better than using glue or another sticking agent. A welding gun is all you need, and it’s a lot like using a hot glue gun. Plastic can be melted, and once the heated liquid plastic cools it then turns back into a solid, and that’s the property that allows the plastic to be welded effectivity.

The plastic is melted, bubbles over the damaged area, and when cooled acts as a coating that hardens and repairs the breach. In order to weld a broken plastic item yourself, without relying on plastic welding services, preheat the welding gun and make sure the gun is warmed up. This takes about twenty minutes.

Let’s say that you are welding two sheets of plastic together, you would need to sand the area with a sander until the surface you’ll be welding on is smooth to the touch, and then place a welding rod into the preheated gun’s barrel. The rod will allow you to have a better feel of where the plastic goes, as well as how the heat can be aimed.

Then hold the gun over the area that needs to be welded and slowly pull the trigger. The gun should slowly cause the plastic to bubble and melt, and the liquid should spread over the welded area. Once the seal is made, then allow it to cool for around five to ten minutes before sanding the affected area smooth. Once the area is smooth, then cover it with a water-based solvent and then it’s as good as new!

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With just a welding gun, a sander, and a bit of time, you can replace plastic parts and repair holes and broken plastic to make them all good as new.