The Pros You Enjoy With Installation of the EPDM Roof

The rubber roof is better known as the EPDM roof. It is a popular roof used on commercial roofing work birmingham al, but is one of many roofing materials available to those who are seeking a new or replacement roof. The EPDM roof is oftentimes installed on businesses with low-slope roofs because it offers advantages that other roofs simply cannot provide. If you’re ready to buy a new roof, read below to learn more about the EPDM roofing advantages.


You won’t go broke to install a rubber roof on your business. While it is important to compare costs, the roof is always reasonable even for modest budgets. It costs a fraction of the costs of some roofing materials. You will be satisfied with the costs of this roofing material.

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Easy Installation

EPDM roofing is easy to install, an advantage that both the roofing company and the business enjoy. The roofing material is sold in rolls that are installed over the roof. The rubber material rolls are easy-to use so it takes a fraction of the time to install it.

Reduce Energy Costs

Available in the traditional black material that is thoroughly coated with a highly-reflective white material for protection, the EPDM roof brings energy-efficiency to your business all throughout the year. This means a more environmentally-friendly space that also cuts costs of energy bills each month. It feels so good to keep it simple!

Weather Resistant

EPDM is weather resistant, which is important to any roof that you want to last for many years to come. This roof is strong enough to sustain so many different weather elements, including sun, hail, sleet, snow, and rain.  Plus, it is wind resistant and fire resistant, too. You feel confident with this roof on the business.