Winning games for players

Even with the new games that regularly appear in casinos, there are a very limited number of games that a serious player can consistently earn. If you want to be a professional, or moderately professional, or if you want to make the game your number one hobby, these are the games to play: blackjack, poker, video poker, casino tournaments, horse racing and sports betting. In each case, skill, not luck, will be the deciding factor. You should not go and start playing, thinking you can beat the house or other players for your experience on Fridays game nights in your hometown. Becoming a moderately skilled player requires a great deal of research, a great deal of study, and a great deal of practice.


You have to know basic strategies for games with one, two or multiple decks. Counting cards is a must. You should also pay attention to the little extra things, such as the penetration of the deck and the auxiliary accounts. You will want to use good money control skills, and above all, you should take action to avoid being forbidden to play.

Horse racing:

To earn money in horse racing, you have to have a lot of experience in handicap races. It should know which things are dominant, which ones should be weighed, and what should be considered when a future race is examined. It is also necessary to learn to let pass races that could be too close to make a decision. Incidentally, you will always have to surpass the house margin of 17 to 20 percent, which can be a very difficult task.


In poker, you are always playing against other players. It is always said that poker is 50 percent skill and 50 percent luck, and it is difficult to differentiate one from the other when you are playing. You can play poker almost anywhere: in casinos, in gaming rooms, including in your home. When you start playing, I recommend that you specialize in a game, such as Texas hold’em, five-or seven-card stud, or draw poker. Learning the possibilities is very important in poker, just as it is important to learn how to play the other players. Remember, when trying to bluff, you must know when, with whom, how, and more.


When playing video machines, you go one by one against the house. Unlike “live” poker, you do not have to worry about other players. In video poker, there is only one project. So the strategy is a bit different from live poker, but it can be learned with ease. Knowing the right machines to play is the most important factor. One can defeat the machines in the sense that the profit can be 100% or more. The real problem with this game is that in the long run, the benefit is limited to a few dollars per hour.

Sports betting:

At present, Nevada is the only state in the United States that accepts sports betting. Of course, there are illegal bets that are made with bookmakers, friends, co-workers and the Internet. However, it remains to be seen how long they will last on the Internet, due to pending federal legislation. For now, however, if you want to make a formal bet on baseball, basketball, boxing, football or hockey, your choices are Internet or Nevada only. As with horse racing, in sports betting you need to know a lot about teams, specific players, the advantage of being local and more. Note that most professional bettors live from sports betting.

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